hi, i'm staci marie 

I am surrounded by extraordinary people in a beautiful world. I created my business at the age of 17. I just celebrated 10 years of love for my craft! My passion is to show the world 'love and beauty' through my eyes. I believe everyone is photogenic, it just takes the right person to capture it. I believe in art and the effect it has on us.  

I am currently based in Lexington, KY but I am eager and available for travel, nationally and internationally. My eyes are tuned to high quality. I know it when I see it and I strive to provide all of my clients with the best visual representation possible. I live art. 

"I become fully invested in the people who step in front of my camera. It takes courage. So I give them my full attention. I understand their expressions, their mood, and their spirit so I can let their unspoken story flow from a portrait of them. It is what gives me life during a photo shoot. It's quite an experience, something that keeps me coming back to my camera." - Staci Marie