25 Ways to Use a Professional Photographer

  1. Get photos taken to give as a gift for your parents or spouse.
  2. Hire a professional for your wedding.
  3. Hire them to photograph your engagement.
  4. And/or for your honeymoon.
  5. Yearly family photos.
  6. Adoption family photos.
  7. Maternity photos.
  8. Newborn, six months, first year photos.
  9. Hire a professional vacation photographer.
  10. Hire them for events (any event).
  11. Hire them to photograph your pet(s).
  12. Hire them before you hire a graphic designer.
  13. Documentary Style (Day-in-the-life).
  14. Hire them to photograph your new products.
  15. Buy a photo session for a friend/family member as a gift.
  16. Have them photograph your art so that you can resell prints.
  17. Have them photograph you doing your favorite hobby or playing a musical instrument.
  18. Hire them for your startup business.
  19. Hire them to take professional head shots for business cards, brochures or flyers.
  20. Hire them to take before and after pictures of anything.
  21. Hire them to photograph for your website or blog.
  22. Hire them to establish a professional social media page.
  23. Hire them to photograph you and your friends before a night out on the town or to follow you all around for the night.
  24. Hire them to do boudoir photos
  25. Hire them for a modeling portfolio