Tips for a successful Portrait Session

It's very easy to setup a creative session! 

Step 1: Choose the type of session you want (Family, Modeling, Editorial, Business, Lifestyle, Engagement, etc.)

Step 2: Ponder on an available date & time, possible themes, objectives, props, locations, outfits, etc. (I suggest browsing for ideas) Save all photos that inspire you. If you need help with the details, please ask for my personal ideas infographic. 

Step 3: Share your ideas and inspirations with me and I will either add to them or confirm them.  

To ensure a great experience:

Plan Properly: After we have gone over the ideas, locations, and payment together, you will be responsible for gathering: props, pre-session hair & makeup, locations, and wardrobe. Make sure you have all of the clothing and props you need when you show up to the session. Children should be well rested and happy in nature, please bring toys and blankets for the younger ones. For editorial shoots: please make arrangements to have hair/makeup/wardrobe taken care of before coming to the first location. Hotels make great prepping stations.  

Changing Outfits: I do have a portable pop-up tent for changing clothes *discreetly* out on-location. 


Editing Style: By choosing to use a freelance photographer, you are also choosing to trust their post processing style. I do not provide unedited images or RAW files. My editing is attached to my brand. However, you can address specific flaws in your photos and I will make those corrections. 

If you are unhappy with the final images from your session at all, please notify me within 24 hours after viewing your online album. We will find out what the flaws were and decide on a course of action. Photo sessions are non-refundable but you can use the credit towards a redo session at no additional cost. If you choose to have a redo session at no additional cost, you forfeit rights to have/purchase any photos from the previous session. 

Sessions need to be rescheduled within three months of payment or any money paid is non-refundable. A new deposit and session fee is required after three months. 

On-the-house redo sessions are only offered if: the session was interrupted, an injury occurred while shooting, photos were lost, or photos were under/over-exposed and unfixable. If problems with post-processing (editing) cannot be fixed, then a reshoot session can be an option. 

If you book a photo session you are assuming responsibility for the outcome. With the exception of the technical aspects of photography. My job is to secure the details of your session, make the session enjoyable, enhance and deliver quality photos. If you are not pleased with the outcome, do not hesitate to contact me with valid arguments. I won't know you aren't pleased with my service if you do not tell me. I cannot fix the problem if I do not know there is one. 

I love my clients and I want all of them to come back, so if I can fix something I have done, I would love to do that.