"What all do you photograph?"

“I’m so excited to book a session, can you tell me more about your approach and the process?”

  • I believe in simplicity & spontaneity. Planning can be done through email, text, or by in-person consultations. During the session, I work with you and get you to move and carry yourself in a way that brings out the best pose. We will discuss your thoughts about the session and the outcome you want, reflecting those feelings in the images that I create.
  • If that sounds good, then let's chat! 
  • Here's my updated portrait session price guide!

“how long do sessions take & what's included?”

  • I always recommend allowing at least 1-2 hours depending on your type of session so that there’s plenty of time to enjoy the experience. Average turnaround time for product delivery is 7-10 business days. For more specific information about session and investment details please contact me

"Where can we take our photos?"

Let me know in advance if you have a specific idea, there are some hidden treasures I can suggest.

"What happens if the weather is bad?"

  • I always suggest rescheduling the time of day or the date of the session. Once we have planned for an outdoor session, nothing else will compare. 

"is there anything else i need to do?"

  • Please pre-plan the props you desire for your session. Props that I do not already own will need to be brought by you.  
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early. If you show up late, you may not have enough time to accomplish what you came to do. I cannot accommodate for extra time because I often schedule appointments back to back. Please book extra time in advance if you know you're going to run behind. It is a professional courtesy to be on time. 
  • I will to the best of my abilities provide: flattering lighting and posing, clear and crisp photos, as well as a fun atmosphere. The rest is up to you.

IMPORTANT! What if I don't like My Photos? 

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that when a problem arises, it’s not the problem itself but how you fix the problem that counts.

This being said, it takes two. We need to be on the same page before the session. If you're wanting a majority of them to be posed instead of candid, or vice versa, please let me know. If you want highly retouched vs. minimally retouched, let me know. If you're wanting more photos with you and another person, I need to know that too. Please know exactly what you're wanting before booking your session. Sun flares, blurriness, sharpness, lighting, posing, and other are subjective. What may be art to me, may look like a mistake to you. Please understand what you do and don't want and voice those concerns in advance.

In the Pixieset proofing album I email to you, you are encouraged to inform me of any changes you need. This proofing album has all of the chosen images from the shoot. If you see something I should have fixed, let me know. Your session fee covers my time on set and a guarantee of 20 printable images. As long as you find 20 printable/sharable images then the session was successful. Any usable images over 20 are just a gift to you. You will not like every bonus image but I am showing you the options anyways. If you do not find 20 suitable images from your session, you can opt for a re-shoot free of charge. Refunds are unavailable, as the initial timed service has already been fulfilled. 

If an error was made on my part, please voice your requests in a respectable manner. No need to demean an artists work before they have explained themselves. 

Hiring a freelance photographer does not provide the same experience, but better, than you would have at Portrait Innovations, Walmart or JCPenney's. Your session is only unique to you. Creativity in photo sessions cannot be duplicated. The outcome of your photographs are solely based on the photographer's creative vision and expertise. Please be sure you like the style of photography on your photographer's website and portfolio. 



1. Cameras and technology are not as intelligent nor as spectacular as human eyes. While cameras and editing programs have come a long way, they are not perfect representations of how we see life. 

2. Not all sessions are made equal.