With the hundreds of photography videos and tutorials you can learn from online it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused behind a computer screen. Let a professional with over 10 years of experience help you go from beginner to expert faster. With in person training at a low cost, you too can succeed in the business and art of photography. 

Fees & structure of tutoring sessions:

  • Sessions are held in my studio in Lexington, Kentucky. From 9am-8pm. Every day of the week.
  • Individual tutoring sessions are per hour. 
  • A model will not be available for tutoring sessions, unless specifically requested at an additional fee.

The goal of the tutoring session is that we cover specific questions you have, and go over any challenges you are experiencing in photography. You are also encouraged to bring in images (either on a disc or on a laptop) that might provide insight into your needs. Having this information will allow me to personalize the tutoring session to make the most of the time available.

Possible topics to cover include aspects of flash and digital photography, such as:

  • Camera and flash essentials
  • Equipment lists
  • Exposure metering
  • Basic lighting
  • Studio/On-Location shooting
  • High End Retouching*
  • Prop Shopping
  • Outdoor lighting including fill flash and high speed sync
  • Photoshop and other editing/workflow tricks
  • Model and Client posing
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing & Business Building
  • Various tricks/secrets of the trade

A certain level of fundamental technical knowledge is required for the sessions to be successful.
For example, a photographer should already know:

  • The basic operation and controls of his or her camera,
  • How to read the camera’s built in metering display,
  • The basic relationship of aperture / shutter speed / ISO, and
  • How to manually adjust those settings.

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