Referral Program

Since I started my journey in photography I’ve had the most amazing clients and word of mouth marketing. I am so thankful for you guys.

As a way of saying thank you to those who have supported me in the past & continue to support me as my business grows, I’ve decided to start a Referral Program.

This program is effective now as of May 17, 2016. Prior referrals will not count.

For your referral to be counted, the client must tell me that you are their referrer. Please follow up to make sure they did! 


Earn Points

There are 2 ways to earn points, both are very easy!


Method #1: You will receive 25  points for every person or group that you refer who books and completes a session.

Method #2: You will receive 25 points when YOU book a photo session.


Easy, right? Once you’ve earned 50 points, you can start redeeming them for some great rewards!


Redeem Your Points

When you have accumulated enough points, we’ll email you to inform you that you have reached an award level. If you would like to redeem your points, simply email me back your request and I will handle the rest. There are 3 reward levels (50 points, 75 points, 100 points), and each offers you a great “thank you” gift!


Points Earned= Guaranteed Rewards!


50 points: Shutterfly Gift Card ($10 value) or $20 off your next session


75 points: Shutterfly Gift Card ($20 total value) or $40 off your next session


100 points: One Complimentary 30-minute session ($150 value)


Earn Bonus Points

This is where it gets fun! I will be adding new and removing old bonus activities all the time! Follow me on Facebook and keep up with them! 

Bonus #1: When you refer a wedding client and they book, you'll get 50 points!

Bonus #2: Write a review on your Facebook status or Instagram and link it back to my website! You'll get 10 Points!

Bonus #3: Write a blog post about me for 25 Points!