Staci Marie: A Special Needs & Disabilities Sensitive Photographer

Sensitive to those with Special Needs - Disabilities - Cancer & More

Why I do it?  

This year, a mother with two Autistic children came to me and trusted me to photograph them at a park in Lexington, Ky. Her response to the photos were so overwhelming. We talked over dinner while she expressed to me that the special needs community lacks great and compassionate photographers. She believed whole-heartedly that I would be a great asset to this community. 

My mother worked with children and adults with special needs when she worked as an Occupational Therapist. She is also a Breast Cancer survivor. I have always known that I had a talent for photographing people in their best light and have been searching for the right opportunity to use my talents in a special way to help people in need. It was unknown to me that there are very few, if at all, enough photographers willing and patient to photograph the true faces of the special needs community.  

Sitting across the table from a mother pouring her heart out in joy was enough to make me look into this journey for myself. I just want to get involved in your life and gift you with wonderful soul-capturing photography.  


I am very passionate about people and that's why I'm a portrait photographer. I photograph the soul of the person in front of my camera. It is important to me, and I am sure to you as well, that people in the special needs community have a photographer that is patient and compassionate with a passion for capturing the inner and outer beauty of your loved ones. It is my pleasure to gift you with wonderful, timeless photographs of your loved ones. 

With the struggles you face every day, finding the photographer for you should not be. Everyone is different, with their own set strengths and weaknesses, and it's the strengths that I want to capture for you and your family. 

I am a very patient photographer. When approaching a session, I will focus on them, in their elements. You can trust me to handle each and every client with care and personal attention. I see beauty in everyone and I will capture their beauty how you see them, not as the world does. I have a no-pressure approach to photography. If posing is not in their nature, I will not force them to do so. I will simply capture beautiful and stunning images of them doing what they love to do, in an environment that they feel comfortable in. There is no pressure and no judgement put on them to meet any standard portrait photography expectations. Simply me, my camera, and your beautiful and unique family! 

I'm not doing this as a project for personal gain, I'm doing this for you. Why? Because you deserve it!  

To request a session please email me or fill out this Sensitivity Questionnaire. 

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